The first ticket issue for METALFEST 2024 is SOLD OUT! We are starting the sale of the

... second issue of tickets!

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2024 – amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN – 31.5. – 2.6.2024

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2024 reports its first success! The first, introductory issue of festival tickets at the best price is completely SOLD OUT! The sale of the second issue of festival tickets is starting right now, for 2,400 CZK. This price will be valid again either until the end of October or until this second issue is sold out!Buy your tickets early and save!

METALFEST 2024 in the Pilsen´s amphitheater Lochotín is on its way to another unforgettable a...


...2024 festivals will be more expensive from October 1st! For METALFEST 2024 maybe earlier!

September is ending...and already this week, October is upon us! And with it, the price of festival tickets for WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK 2023, and ROCK CASTLE 2024 rise up! The most advantageous, introductory prices end this Saturday, September 30th! On Sunday 1.10. the next, more expensive, October edition of tickets is starting!The first introductory issue of tickets for METALFEST OPEN AIR 2024 is very close to being sold out, so the new, higher price here is possible every day!


METALFEST OPEN AIR 2024 confirms the first batch of bands and goes on sale for tickets a super introductory price!

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2024 – amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN – 31.5. – 2.6.2024

We are fulfilling our promise and will spice up your Friday, or sweeten it up, if you like, with the first confirmed bands for next year's 13th METALFEST OPEN AIR international metal festival in PILSEN!METALFEST 2024 will traditionally take place from Friday to Sunday, from 31.5. until 2nd of June 2024 in the popular amphitheater Lochotín in PILSEN!

Introducing the first confirmed bands.

Folk-metal will be represented by one of the biggest stars of...

Fans ATTENTION! This Friday we will announce the first confirmed bands and start selling at the best price for METALFEST OPEN AIR 2024!

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2024 – amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN – 31.5. – 2.6.2024

So here it is, friends. Festival summer 2024 starts now! The ROCK CASTLE festival already knows its first confirmed bands and tickets are on sale! Now the Pilsen METALFEST is coming with its batch of first confirmed bands and the first most advantageous tickets! Next year it will be the lucky thirteen! The 13th edition will take place from Friday 31st of May until Sunday 2nd of June 2024 again in the much-loved and pleasant amphitheater Lochotí...

Last chance to pre-order Masters of Rock 2023 festival merchandise - only until midnight tomorrow!

Dear fans, there is record interest in festival merchandising from MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 this year as well. The festival t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, as well as the additional assortment, were really quickly sold out and we decided to additionally produce best of goods of festival products.

But beware, we close pre-orders already tomorrow, August 31. at midnight, so if you still want to catch a t-shirt, sweatshirt or women's tank top with a VIKING or DRAGON motif, t-shirt with PAROHAC or one of types of tin cups and a much-loved coffee box. hurry up.


It's coming again! Take a look at the super aftershow video from this year's METALFEST PILSEN and get ready for "MASTERS" in VIZOVICE!

MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 – 13th – 16th of July 2023 – R. Jelínek´s distillery, VIZOVICEThe next festival super event starts in exactly one week! The 19th edition of the international rock open-air MASTERS OF ROCK is here next week! On Thursday 13.7. at 11 a.m., the gates of the festival area at "Jelínek´s" in VIZOVICER will open, and at noon the Italians IRONWILL will start it all with their concert! From start to finish, it will be one big and unforgettable rock-metal ride that will appeal to every fan of this music!

POWERWOLF thanks to all METALFEST 2023 fans!

Dear friends, this year's 12th edition of the international metal festival METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 is behind us. We spent 3 wonderful, sunny metal-filled days together in the unique Lochotín amphitheater in PILSEN. We believe, they will warm your heart and recharge your batteries for a long time. All the performing bands left with the feeling that it really works there, at METALFEST. That magical attraction, the chemistry between them and you. They gave their best and you gave it back beautifully with your enthusiasm... the atmosphere you managed to create at METALFEST is unforgettable. Tha...

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 is a past. We are sending a photo memory of last night.

Yesterday night, an hour before midnight, ended In the Lochotín amphitheater very successful 12th edition of the METALFEST 2023 international metal festival.

A very juicy point was provided this year by the American crushers TESTAMENT, and the very end of the festival the Polish BEHEMOTH provided their fiery and mysterious show.

It's time to tear down, pack up and return to the reality of everyday life. We are sending you a small photo report from last night for a nice Monday morning and a happy journey home...we are look forward to seeing you all again next year.


METALFEST in PILSEN has completed its last afternoon full of experiences and surprises.

Take a look at the photos.

12th edition of the international metal festival METALFEST in PILSEN ends today, and this last afternoon brought an incredible amount of great experiences, events, great music, and also a big surprise and life moment for one of the festival's visitors. More in photos...

The last night of the festival is here, friends. Enjoy the legendary TESTAMENT and the end of this festival with the dark lords BEHEMOTH!


We are sending today's first sunny photo greetings from the Pilsen´s METALFEST

In the amphitheater Lochotín, it is beautifully alive with metal even today, the final day of the METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 festival. Sunday is the rest day, but forget about some quiet rest here. Today belongs to wild fun, great music, and especially to all of you who arrived to the festival grounds today, or still plan to arrive. Shall we tempt you with today's first photo report? Take a look at the photos and have a nice day, friends…

You can get one-day tickets until 10 p.m. today at the festival ticket office near the amphitheater, if you're not here yet, come...

METALFEST 2023 – day three starts! Fuel up your energy with a little photo report

...from last night

We welcome you to the Lochotín amphitheater on the last, third day of the festival. Last night we spent here singing and dancing on a wild party with the tireless Finnish KORPIKLAANI, followed by a real "Bloody Heavy Metal Mass", as the preacher himself says, Attila Dorn from the wolf party POWERWOLF. During their fiery sermon, everyone present absorbed and embraced their spirit of metal, and this evening dark mass that POWERWOLF performed left everyone firmly believing in true heavy metal.

Today we continue with the third day. Look forward to another dive...

METALFEST 2023 – we are serving the second photo report of the second day

The second day of the METALFEST festival in Pilsen's Lochotín amphitheater is approaching its grand finale. The forest clan KORPIKLAANI is already rampaging on stage and slowly approaching today's grand finale! POWERWOLF are going to strengthen the metal faith in the hearts of you all tonight…listen to their fiery sermon and receive the sacrament of metal from them.

Take a look at the photos from this afternoon.

We wish you a pleasant festival evening.


METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – the second day

We bring you the first photo report from today's sunny second day at the METALFEST OPEN AIR festival, in the Pilsen´s amphitheater Lochotín. The mood is great and the bands perform fantastically, if you're still hesitating, come and have fun!

Tickets are still available at the ticket office in front of the festival area...have a nice day, friends.


METALFEST OPEN AIR in a great CNN Prima News report!

Yesterday, CNN Prima News aired a great short report, filmed yesterday at METALFEST in PILSEN, on the christening of a penguin by Chris Bay at the ZOO. Chris BAY composed and recorded the anthem for METALFEST, paying great tribute and praise to the festival. Watch the video and come see the festival. World metal stars take turns there until Sunday!

You can buy festival and one-day tickets in front of the festival area, at the festival ticket office.

Enjoy the day, friends.

Good morning from PILSEN! Warm up with a short photo report from last night!

Today METALFEST OPEN AIR in Pilsen amphitheater Lochotín continues with its second day, which will be in the sign of the brand new mega-show of the wolf pack POWERWOLF! Last night shined the devilish Swedish band AVATAR, which did not let the ears, eyes, legs, hands, head or brain rest. Their show was completely crazy and twisted and probably left no one in doubt as to who now rules the "world behind the mirror".

ARCH ENEMY then lit up the stage not only with lights and rich pyrotechnics, but mainly with their masterful and professional performance. The charming singer Alissa Whit...

METALFEST 2023 – the first photo report from today.

The first day of the METALFEST OPEN AIR festival is at its peak. We are sending you a small photo of the day…

Enjoy friends!

And those of you who are still hesitating to visit, don't hesitate. Tickets, both full-festival and one-day tickets, are available at the festival ticket office daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., and enough parking spaces have also become available at the "Na Jíkalce" parking lot, which you can also purchase at the festival ticket office or at the parking lot.


Metalheads, ATTENTION! There are new parking spaces at the paid parking lot "Na Jíkalce"!

METALFEST fans, we have a new capacity for parking at the paid parking lot "Na Jíkalce"! Parking and tickets (all-day and festival) can be purchased at the festival ticket office, which is open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.! Parking "Na Jíkalce“ can also be purchased directly at the parking lot.

Payment only in cash (CZK)

Do not hesitate and take the opportunity to park your car and go have fun, the weekend is starting!


This year, for the twelfth time, the Pilsener´s amphitheater Lochotín comes alive with metal music, METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 has started!

Today it looks like a really beautiful day. There are already a lot of fans from all over the world in the area, incredibly energetic, sensational shows are taking place on the stage. Chris BAY visited the Pilsen ZOO, where he baptized a 6-week-old baby Humboldt penguin. He named him Teresa George, cuddled him, and fed all the other members of this merry community. In the world premiere, he presented a brand new single on his acoustic guitar, ded...

Pilsen METALFEST started and FREEDOM CALL are releasing a new single

...dedicated to this festival!

If a survey was commissioned to find out at which shows audiences are at their most boisterous, FREEDOM CALL would definitely be among the leading acts. The southern German melodic power metal band surrounding frontman and founder Chris Bay regularly leaves euphoric audiences in the wake of its shows, carried away by the group’s catchy songs and inspiring stage performance. And that's exactly what they managed to document at last year's METALFEST in PILSEN and preserve it forever thanks to CD and Blu-ray! A new release from FREEDOM CALL is called ...

METALFEST is here! In PILSEN, at the Lochotín Amphitheatre, it's really busy!

METALFEST Open Air has started for many fans already... The program on the stage starts tomorrow, Friday, 2.6. at 11:30 a.m., but the surroundings of the Lochotín Amphitheater are already living the real festival life. Fans from all over the world arrive, pick up their festival wristbands, top up their chips and adjust their form and mood for tomorrow. For many, tonight will be the first night of the festival.

You can still buy festival and one-day tickets at Ticketportal or Ticketmaster. Festival ticket office os open as well and so tickets are available there as well.

Pilsen METALFEST is here tomorrow! The first visitors are in the camps!

Tomorrow, on Friday 2nd starts for metal fans the first big international metal festival of this summer – METALFEST OPEN AIR in PILSEN, amphitheater Lochotín. A little while ago, the campsites and parking lots opened for all visitors. Take a look at the photos from the campsite "Na Jíkalce", where the first eager campers have already set up their tents and the festival mood is ready.The wristband exchange containers and the chip top up stations are also already open. If you can, go and exchange your tickets for festival wristbands today.

Festival and one-day tickets are still ...

METALFEST starts the day after tomorrow! The refreshment stands in front of the festival

...area will be open tomorrow!

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – 2nd – 4th of June 2023, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 starts the day after tomorrow, Friday, June 2nd at 11:30 a.m.! The first visitors to the festival will certainly arrive tomorrow, Thursday, June 1st. From 12:00 on Thursday, we are opening campsites, wristband exchange container and chip charging station. You, the first visitors of the festival, will be able to pitch your tents, park your cars, get your festival wristband and charge your chip with credit without queues and without any rush or...

Sunny greetings from PILSEN! We have the first photo report from METALFEST

...preparations for you!

Already the day after tomorrow, Friday 2.6. the 12th edition of the METALFEST OPEN AIR international metal festival starts in PILSEN, Lochotín Amphitheater. The festival area and its immediate surroundings is preparing right now, take a look at the photos.

We are expecting first visitors tomorrow! At 12:00, the campsites, the parking lots, the wristband exchange container and top-up point for chips will open. You can comfortably and peacefully settle in, get ready and get in the mood for the start of the festival on Friday! The weather forecasts are ...

Organizational rules for visitors to METALFEST 2023 in PILSEN!

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – 2nd – 4th of June 2023, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN

The 12th International Metal Festival METALFEST OPEN AIR is here! Already tomorrow, the first visitors will start arriving to PILSEN and on Friday, June 2nd, it will all break out! It is high time that you carefully read the organizational instructions and the rules of the festival in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and troubles.The updated organizational rules and instructions for festival visitors can be found >>...

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