Tickets for summer festivals under the Christmas tree!

Next summer 2021 is filling up very nicely with summer events and festivals. Big and interesting names are constantly added. Find tickets under the Christmas tree for one or all three festivals of the Pragokoncert agency, ie. METALFEST Open Air (3. - 6. 6. 2021, PILSEN, Lochotín Amphitheater), MASTERS OF ROCK (8. - 11. 7. 2021, R. Jelínek´s distillery VIZOVICE) and ROCK CASTLE (19. – 21. 8. 2021, chateau gardens, MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV), this would be a Christmas wish for many fans. Make someone, you really love, happy.

Orders received before 20.12.2020 will be shipped the next day, on Monday 21.12.2020! Orders received after this date will be shipped in early January 2021!