THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA, one of the stars of METALFEST 2022, welcomes the sun

...with a new video!

It's time to dust off the champagne flutes, pour a sparkling drink and dance through your living rooms again! Sweden's one and only classic rock cabin crew THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA embrace the first sun rays of a promising summer with their new single „White Jeans“.
Together with the sweet tunes of a summer anthem-to-be, Sweden's one and only classic rock cabin crew shares a video featuring the well-known Swedish TV personality Frederik Lexfors.

The band states: "If this song doesn't make you wanna get up from your worn out brown velvet couch and throw on your crisp snow white jeans and throw a dance-off in the streets with your neighbors, nothing will! Spring is here, time to strut!"

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA released their last album "Aeromantic" in February 2020. The highly lauded masterpiece featuring the singles „Divinyls“ and „Transmissions“ made it to #13 in German album charts.

They will land with the whole parade here, on the stage of the beautiful Lochotín amphitheater in PILSEN, on June 2nd – 5th, 2022 as a part of METALFEST 2022! Flying with them is a fantastic experience, don't let them take off without you!

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Check out the video here: