MAJESTICA prepares a livestream show this Saturday!

Last year, Swedish symphonic power metallers MAJESTICA, formerly known as REINXEED, unleashed their debut album „Above The Sky“. After their tour in spring got cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the band decided to do a live stream this week, on Saturday, May 16th via the band's facebook page. You can find the stream>HERE<

Basstist Chris David comments:
“As we couldn’t hit the road right after the release of "Above The Sky" last year, our plan was to get out there in 2020. Started the year with a couple of shows in Tokyo, then we had a tour coming in the spring with TWILIGHT FORCE and some summer festivals. Sadly, everything had to get cancelled or postponed, so we decided to join the online trend with a livestream coming up on Saturday the 16th of May. I think it’s important to try and make as much positive happenings as possible, in any way you can in these strange times. Everything is better then nothing, right?!  The stream will take place in a little cinema/ theater stage in Sweden close to my home in the county of Värmland. We are trying to make a very intimate experience, starting off with a show performing songs from "Above The Sky" and maybe something from the REINXEED years. Then we will head to a “virtual merch booth” where we will be chatting with you, do a Q & A, launch our webshop with some merch and we can sign your orders live in the stream. Like if you are at a club show and the band comes out for little talk at the merch after the show. So come join us online for a power metal session in your living room, and spend your Saturday evening with MAJESTICA!”

MAJESTICA is a special guest of Swedish knights TWILIGHT FORCE on their tour, on wich they will stop also in PRAGUE, 17th of October this year and they also confirmed their performance on rescheduled METALFEST Open Air Festival in PILSEN, Amphitheatre Lochotin, 3. – 6. 6. 2021!

Tickets for both events are available at this website and in ticket pre-sale networks Ticketportal, Ticketstream and TicketMaster.