Swedish metal band AVATAR will appear at METALFEST 2023!

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – 2nd – 4th of June 2023, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN

The unique and slightly crazy Swedish dark metal visionaries AVATAR are expanding the line-up of confirmed bands for this year's METALFEST in PILSEN (Amphitheater Lochotín, 2nd – 4th of June 2023).

And AVATAR are very busy. Already on February 17th, they are releasing their ninth album called "Dance Devil Dance". The first tastings of it are already circulating around the world and it's powerful! The music video for the title song of the same name is even for adults only…

"One morning I woke up and saw," singer Johannes Eckerström says dramatically about the new material. "My heart was pounding, I was breathing hard, but there was no doubt. I am Satan. The serpent and the forbidden fruit, longing for knowledge, freedom and eternity. My legs were moving. I thought I was running but instead I was dancing. I celebrated. Yes, I am the Devil, and I believe that one day you can become one too. We hope this song helps you find your way. It is a celebration of love, desire and democracy.”

AVATAR are in full swing and it's no longer fun! A clown's smile becomes a devil's grin and instead of the kingdom of fools, you enticed straight into the burning hell...will you get caught? It's quite simple, because their violent riffs, serious thoughts and deviant grooves crystallize together into very catchy and hot songs... get ready METALFEST! The biggest metal circus on the planet is coming to you for your hungry souls! Join the madness, join the fun, already this year, right at the beginning of June, at METALFEST in PILSEN!

You can still order tickets for the festival only at this website.