Just confirmed! Finnish folk-metal band ENSIFERUM will play at METALFEST in PILSEN!

When we talk about folk-metal, inspired by death-metal, it´s for sure, that we will talk about ENSIFERUM, which have been working in this music rank since 1995. From the original line-up there plays only Markus Toivonen, but that doesn´t change the fact, that ENSIFERUM belongs among folk-metal legends. They are still full of ideas and have a great talent to keep a very high standart in their work. Their music entertain perfectly and their live shows are just excellent. You can check them live very soon! ENSIFERUM confirmed their participation in this year´s METALFEST OPEN AIR festival which starts this year on Thursday 4th June with a large OPENING PARTY in PILSEN, Depo2015 and continues on June 5th – 7th. 2020 in the traditional amphiteater Lochotin in PILSEN! Every show is unique and full of surprises, so just be there!