New international hard´n´heavy festival "Rock Castle" will start in Moravský Krumlov

next summer!

Dear friends,
now we are going through really strange times that does not bring us much good news, and there are no more reports from the world of living culture - only in the sense of "rescheduled" or "moved". And so perhaps our news about a brand new "live" project we are currently preparing will make you happy????.

Already this Friday, on all pages managed by the Pragokoncert agency, we will present the ROCK CASTLE festival on all pages managed by Pragokoncert.  The festival will take place on 19th – 21st of August 2021 in the castle grounds in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV.
Many metalheads are already familiar with this area from the time when they went there to the festival, which did not turn out economically well and disappeared. The environment of the chateau and Moravský Krumlov is beautiful and it is a beautiful summer holiday destination. And such an environment should not be left idle. The management of Moravský Krumlov wants the festival of the international significance to take place there, and we are glad we are able to get to work, so we can bring another „festival brother" - ROCK CASTLE, to our festivals MASTERS OF ROCK and METALFEST OPEN AIR Pilsen.

You can find out more about the new Pragokoncert festival this Friday, November 6th, 2020 at 10:00 am. At this time, the festival website will be launched and ticket sales in the introductory price will begin! Tickets will be in sale through the Pragokoncert e-shops only! (,,

At the same time will be launchged also the FB page and the FB group

We believe that this news will make you happy. We promise an attractive international music line-up in a beautiful holiday environment. And plus an extra bonus.

Not only foreign metal superstars will return to Moravský Krumlov, but also the "Mucha's Slavic Epic", to the newly reconstructed chateau.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!
Good luck to you and the metal!