German thrash metal band EXUMER confirmed for METALFEST 2021!

With their current album "Hostile Defiance" (2019) and their famously infernal show, a thrash tank called EXUMER will roll to PILSEN to METALFEST 2021 next summer! Their work, like their history, is diverse, wild, full of unexpected twists. You can expect fast and thrashy songs, as well as more melodic hooks or mid-tempo songs. Every fan will find what he likes. The title of the last album is obviously aggressive, but the lyrical content is much deeper and more involved, informed by Von Stein’s interest and understanding of mental illness. In any case, we can look forward an interesting show by a band that wants to conquer the world with the real thrash metal. They already achieved the goal to become one of the main German thrash metal acts, that began in the 1980´s and are now carrying the torch into the 2020´s.

Enjoy a sharp thrash with the band EXUMER live! Next year at 4 days long METALFEST 2021 in the Lochotin amphitheater in PILSEN!

Purchased tickets for the festival remain valid even for the new festival date!

All-festival tickets, now for 4-days METALFEST 2021, are still available at this website and in the Ticketportal, Ticketstream, Ticketmaster, Plzenska Vstupenka, Metaltix and Festicket networks.