Melodic power metal band SERIOUS BLACK releases new album, which will introduce in PRAGUE!

There has been relatively quite a long time around the band SERIOUS BLACK and that´s not usual for a band, that has been regularly releasing a new album every year since 2015. But if anyone thinks, that the guys had fallen asleep on laurels, 2020 would show, that it´s a big mistake! SERIOUIS BLACK are back with hot news, with the killer name „Suite 226“. After previous albums and more than 120 concerts around the world, when they significantly expanded their loyal fan base, the band used the time to work on new, fresh materiál and build their own stusio by the way. And the fruit of their work will see the daylight tomorrow, January 31st! The album „Suite 226“ will surely stir the blood in the power metal community! Unlike previous albums, which were more hard-rock, on the new album you will hear more cut guitars, catchy tunes and hard riffs. The album is about a mentally mentally confused man who is torned between his own dreamworld, reality and the evil. In real life the protagonist has been held captive for many years in this dismal, cold padded cell number 226, the inhuman condition of the rotten psychiatry have driven him to total distraction. In his imagination he is the mighty king who lives in his feudal castle, surrounded by courtesans, good food and wine, commands an invincible army. Staggering between illusion and reality, he continues to be drawn into the maelstrom of madness, his life becomes a ride through purgatory, accompanied by demons, anxiety attacks and paranoia. SERIOUS BLACK takes the listener on a musically journey between heaven and hell, "Suite 226" is the perfect soundtrack for this trip to the place of damnation.

SERIOUS BLACK invites you for this musical trip! 11. 10. 2020 in PRAGUE, Club Nova Chmelnice!

You will feel ruthless riffs, catchy melodies, driven by a manic rhythm section, Urban Breed´s top-rated unleashed vocals add the necessary amount of insanity. After listening to this dervish of an album one may ask oneself what is actually fiction, what is reality. And who knows, after that you may also hear these soft voices in your head. Don´t say nobody warned you!