THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA releases new vidos often. Watch another one!

The one and only Nuclear Blast airforce THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA released their new album "Aeromantic" on February, 28th, but this wasn't the end of the story. The Swedish hard rock super group unleashes a stunning music video for "Golden Swansdown" featuring dancer extraordinaire Ella Snellman. A remarkable fact about her performance: The dance was filmed in one take! Guitarrist David Andersson states: "Golden Swansdown, the new video release from THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA, is a classic  power ballad based around the themes of impossible attraction and the difficulties that arise when you let your heart rule your mind.“

This super group was ready to land in June this year in PILSEN, in the Lochotín amphitheater for the METALFEST Open Air festival, to present their new album live this year. However, the infected world and its ongoing struggle are changing all plans. Like most other major summer events, the METALFEST Open Air Festival will move to next year, June 2021! THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA will land here new year! You won't miss their show!

Purchased tickets remain valid!

METALFEST OPEN AIR tickets are also still available here at this website and in Ticketportal, Ticketstream, TicketMaster, Plzenska Vstupenka, Metaltix and Festicket.

Check out the official music video here: