PAIN released ROLLING STONES´ cover „Gimme Shelter“!

PAIN has always been known not only for the exciting mix of catchy melodies, majestic harmonies, and powerful industrial metal rhythms but for also having a fine sense for combining current world affairs with all-time classics, uniting people across generations and borders.
Mastermind Peter Tägtgren proved this gifted instinct once more and released an unique interpretation of the ROLLING STONES' masterpiece "Gimme Shelter".

Peter about the single: "I had an idea of covering 'Gimme Shelter' for years… And now it feels like it’s the perfect time to do it – 'cause today this song appears as important as it was when it first came out 52 years ago. Back then it was the Cold War, today it is the war on Covid."

PAIN is the brainchild of musician, producer and composer Peter Tägtgren – Sweden's finest industrial metal export. His life has been immersed in music, in pushing boundaries and taking ideas to both their logical and illogical extremes. Thanks to his indisputable talent is he one of Europe's most respected musicians and producers. For the recordings of "Gimme Shelter", he has been joined by his son Sebastian Tägtgren playing the drums.

We will welcome Peter Tägtgren and his cult death metal band HYPOCRISY live next summer at METALFEST in PILSEN, Amphitheater Lochotín, 2nd to 5th June 2022!

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Watch the video Gimme Shelter" now here: