Italian band ELVENKING on "Divination Tour" 2x in the Czech Republic!

The Italian Folk Power Metal band ELVENKING belongs to the most important and unique bands of the scene. Founded in 1997, the musicians soon made their way and established themselves among the leading acts of Europe when it comes to powerful Metal music with Folk and Pagan influences. In 2019, the band releases their next and tenth masterpiece: “Reader Of The Runes – Divination”. The concept album is an adventurous journey into a mystic world of runes, magic and ancient powers far away from the visible. On tour with this album will they stop twice in the Czech Republic.

4. 4. 2020 PRAGUE, Nová Chmelnice
5. 4. 2020 ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café

Together with them will come a spanish symphonic power metal band LAST DAYS OF EDEN with a frontwoman Ani M. Fojaco. Their music add elements of celtic music using the sound of bagpipes, whistles and flutes.
Elvenking say about the new album: “For the first time in our career we’ve created a whole world that will accompany the songs. We were finally ready to write a story that could embrace and contain the essence of our band, the concept of our message and the atmospheres of our music. “Divination” is the first chapter of the “Reader of the Runes” story that will continue and will be developed in our next albums." With „Reader Of The Runes – Divination“, ELVENKING started a completely new chapter in the band’s existence and opened a new world to their fans and listeners. Let the story begin!