DALRIADA, the band of the METALFEST 2022, released a new album and Live DVD!

Spring is knocking on the door, but DALRIADA evoked the atmosphere of autumn with low-tuned guitars, a bit less folk instruments and more guitar-centric songs on their 10th album, “Őszelő”. This quintessential record of 9+1 new songs contains all familiar elements of Hungary’s most delightful folk metal band; from enormous choirs to epic battle-songs, with lyrics about Hungarian legends, mythology and history. The album is OUT NOW as Digipak CD and Digipak 2 CD + DVD Limited Edition, coming with their long-awaited first live DVD called “Hazatérés - 15 év Dalriada” (English: Homecoming - 15 Years of Dalriada) which was recorded in October 2019 on their 15th Anniversary Show.

Vocalist and guitarist András Ficzek comments: “Dear friends, Brothers and Sisters! As you all most certainly know, today we’ve released our 10th album, Őszelő. Recording this album was the biggest professional and logistical challenge we’ve ever faced throughout our career, and we constantly encountered obstacles because of the pandemic, concerning both manufacturing and the process of releasing it; but after all, seeing this record finally released is the payoff for all those struggles, and we’re sure it’ll compensate both you all and us as well, we can promise that. During normal times we’d be excited to count the days to start the Őszelő Tour, we’d plan the setlist, check all the final details… But all that can’t happen for now. Nothing can compensate us for the delayed and cancelled personal meetings, the magic of singing along together, and no online concert can reproduce the magical feeling to see the same of what you feel on the stage in the eyes of the people in front of you. We can’t perform live right now, we cannot show you personally all that we wanted to tell you with this album, but there is at least one thing we can do together: be happy for the arrival of our new record, our youngest and most dear child! Let Őszelő be heard now! We’re incredibly grateful for all your interactions, comments, shares, likes, and we’re happy to read all your impressions and feelings that course through you while listening to this album. We’re especially grateful if you support us by listening to an original copy, so that you help us to keep going on.”

DALRIADA webshop >>HERE<<

DALRIADA belongs to the list of bands of the rescheduled festival METALFEST OPEN AIR 2022, so we can look forward to their great show in a new date, 2nd - 5th June 2022 in the beautiful area of the Lochotín Amphitheater in PILSEN.

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