Bay Area Thrash legend and participant of the METALFEST 2021 festival, the band HEATHEN

discusses the history of the band and the current line-up!

Bay Area thrash legends HEATHEN recently revealed their fourth studio album entitled „Empire of the Blind“, will be released on September 18th. The band comments: "We are very pleased to announce Empire of the Blind! It's been another 10 years but we are finally back with a new HEATHEN album. Fine wine takes time! Everyomne in the band worked their asses off on this record! Zeuss absolutely nailed it and more than realized our vision for the sound. Travis Smith perfectly captured the bleak atmosphere that we imagined for the artwork. It was a year in the making and we couldn't be more proud of the outcome... behold the rising Empire!"
Empire of the Blind was for the most part engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered by Christopher “Zeuss” Harris at Planet Z Studios.  The album features guest appearances by Gary Holt (EXODUS, SLAYER), Rick Hunolt (ex-EXODUS) and Doug Piercy (ex-HEATHEN). The cover art to Empire of the Blind was once again handled by renowned artist Travis Smith (OVERKILL, EXHORDER).

Great thrash-metal ride with the band HEATHEN is waiting for us in a year, at METALFEST 2021 in PILSEN, Amphitheater Lochotín!

Already purchased tickets for METALFEST 2020 remain valid for the four-days long festival in 2021 and there is no need to exchange them in any way!

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The band releases the second album trailer. Watch as the band discussed their origin as well as the current line-up, here: