Ambitious Germans LEAGUE OF DISTORTION confirmed for METALFEST 2023!

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – 2nd – 4th of June 2023, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN

And right from the beginning of the week, we continue and fulfill the promise "until the end of October, every day one new band to the list of confirmed bands of the METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 festival". It will take place next year for the twelfth time at the beginning of June, in the pleasant Lochotín amphitheater in PILSEN.

Today it's a brand new, ambitious band from Anna Brunner (Exit Eden) and Jim Müller (Kissin Dynamite) - LEAGUE OF DISTORTION! The band's producers are Hannes Braun and Julian Breucker. In 2020, a time of uncertainty and darkness for everyone on this planet, this band has created extremely powerful songs that seem to encapsulate this dark and brutal reality in a sleek and appealing garb that almost gives you chills... The elemental power of Anna's powerful voice combined with the massive riffs played by Jim Müller, the strong beats played by Tino Calmbach and the sharp bass from Felix Rehmann, made a musical firework that will not leave you cold. Here, the pandemic became the spark for something amazing, and the frustration turned into a big bang that created a whole new reality. The band released their first music video and single "Wolf Or Lamb" earlier this year, gaining a huge amount of streams and likes on Yt within 2 weeks. They released their self-titled album last week and will be touring with CALIBAN this winter. In June, we will welcome them in PILSEN, at METALFEST!

Today is the last day when you can order festival tickets at a really great price! Starting tomorrow, tickets will be slightly more expensive! Order now, if you can, at this website!