METALFEST 2024 starts! We bring you the first photoreport.

And it is here! The 13th edition of the METALFEST OPEN AIR international metal festival in PILSEN has opened its gate and the Lochotín amphitheater is again beautifully dressed in black???? The band APRIL ART, which was supposed to start this year's program, apologized yesterday, so the fresh czech band ALIA TEMPORA took this honor perfectly. SERENITY played very pleasantly melodic show, cheerfull pinky folk-metal TROLLFEST entertained crowds and it´s masters show performed rockers BLACK SONIC PEARLS with their super special guest, Todd Kerns, bass player of Slash. We are sending you the first photos.

Friends, welcome to PILSEN and get your energy from the music you love so much!

Both festival and one-day tickets are available at the festival ticket office. And even if the weather is not very favorable, try to enjoy it to the maximum. We are with you in this.