...who are going to park in the Jíkalka parking!

Due to the weather forecast for the next few days, when it is supposed to be rainy, we have a recommendation for visitors who planned parking on Jíkalka not to do it, because there may be a problem with leaving from the meadows.

We propose a solution where we redirect you to Autocamp Ostend, by the Bolevák pond in Pilsen ( Here, such waterlogging of the meadows should not occur. You can park here on the paved area and set up a tent. The capacity is still available here. At the same time, fans will find all the services here, such as toilets, showers and fast food. You can get the Lochotín Amphitheater from Autocamp Ostend in about 10 minutes by public transport. To everyone who decides to come here, we will refund the paid parking at Jíkalka, so that when you book a stay at Autocamp Ostende Bolevák, the reception will take your contact details and we will contact you next week and return the money to your account.

For visitors who want to be closer to the Lochotín Amphitheatre, we recommend setting up your tents on Jíkalka and then parking in the Globus Plzeň parking (free parking). Even in this case, we would return the paid parking for your account. For a refund, come to the ticket office in front of the amphitheater with your purchased parking ticket. You report there your account number and we will be refunded in the next week.