Pirates of VISIONS OF ATLANTIS send a new video! Live this Sunday at METALFEST!

Then in ZLÍN and PRAGUE in September!

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2024 – 31.5. - 2.6.2024, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, Illumishade, Seraina Telli
21/09/2024 – ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café
22/09/2024 – PRAGUE, MeetFactory

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS have released “Monsters”, the second single from their upcoming studio album titled “Pirates II – Armada”, which is scheduled for release on July 5th, 2024. The new successor to their stellar previous release, “Pirates” (2022) is set very high and takes everything that has been achieved so far to a new, higher level. With the second chapter of the pirate saga, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS prove that they are more than ready to claim the crown of symphonic metal.

You can experience new metal adventures with the great VISIONS OF ATLANTIS this Sunday, June 2nd afternoon, at METALFEST in PLZNI, if you're there!

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS will set sail for another longer journey in the fall, with their brand new record physically on board! More adventurous evenings that will feel the unrestrained sea and electrifying symphonic metal await you on September 21st in ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café and on September 22nd in PRAGUE, MeetFactory!

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