METALFEST 2024 confirms a new trio of bands! IRON WILL, MAX ENIX and MELODIUS DEITE!

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2024 – 31.5. – 2.6.2024, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN

The 13th edition of the METALFEST OPEN AIR international metal festival, which takes place on 31.5. – 2.6. 2024 in the traditional and very popular Lochotín amphitheater in PILSEN has one of the strongest lineups of bands in history. And not all the bands have been announced yet! However, there aren't many left, so today we're revealing 3 newly confirmed bands! The Italian psych-rock band IRONWILL, the new international progressive-symphonic metal band MAX ENIX and the symphonic-power metal band from Thailand - MELODIUS DEITE!

IRONWILL – The band is part of a wide kaleidoscopic spectrum in which all art forms are involved: music, photography, video, comics, illustration works and art. IRONWILL firmly believes that rock music and other works of art are the best way to give people the light in their souls that each of us needs for life. Musically, it is a mix of metal, rock, blues and funk with lyrical and classical undertones. An interesting musical project in every way, which had its premiere last year at Masters of Rock!

MAX ENIX – is a young international alternative rock group around Max Enix, composer, singer, lyricist, manager, actor, etc., who has a rich professional past. At METALFEST, they will present themselves to you in their live premiere with songs that have a unique sound and vision and will open the door to a new, unusual rock universe. Their first, concept double album "Far From Home" (2023) is a fusion of progressive-symphonic-post rock/metal, film music with various elements of hip hop and jazz.

MELODIUS DEITE – is a symphonic melodic progressive power metal based in Thailand. This five-piece combo is characterized by its advanced skills and unique combination of Heavy Metal subgenres such as symphonic metal, power metal, progressive metal and even the most extreme genres. After the release of 4 studio albums, this year MELODIUS DEITE are ready to present you their last year's new release "Demonology". At METALFEST in PILSEN!

The line-up of bands at the 13th edition of METALFEST is diverse, varied and really very colorful! This will be the year that sets the bar for other summer festivals very high! Be there!

Festival tickets, at a great price, valid until the end of January, camping and parking can be ordered exclusively at this website!