The first ticket issue for METALFEST 2024 is SOLD OUT! We are starting the sale of the

... second issue of tickets!

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2024 – amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN – 31.5. – 2.6.2024

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2024 reports its first success! The first, introductory issue of festival tickets at the best price is completely SOLD OUT! The sale of the second issue of festival tickets is starting right now, for 2,400 CZK. This price will be valid again either until the end of October or until this second issue is sold out!
Buy your tickets early and save!

METALFEST 2024 in the Pilsen´s amphitheater Lochotín is on its way to another unforgettable and successful, already 13th edition! Can we prove that thirteen is not an unlucky number?

Festival tickets, campsites and parking are available exclusively at this website!