METALFEST 2023 – day three starts! Fuel up your energy with a little photo report

...from last night

We welcome you to the Lochotín amphitheater on the last, third day of the festival. Last night we spent here singing and dancing on a wild party with the tireless Finnish KORPIKLAANI, followed by a real "Bloody Heavy Metal Mass", as the preacher himself says, Attila Dorn from the wolf party POWERWOLF. During their fiery sermon, everyone present absorbed and embraced their spirit of metal, and this evening dark mass that POWERWOLF performed left everyone firmly believing in true heavy metal.

Today we continue with the third day. Look forward to another diverse batch of great bands and a phenomenal ending of this year's Metalfest, which will be taken over by the devil himself in the form of Polish BEHEMOTH.

You still have a chance to come and experience at least one festival day. One-day tickets are on sale at the ticket office in front of the festival area.

We wish you a day full of new and unforgettable experiences.