Metalheads ATTENTION! Tomorrow, 31.12., is the last chance to order...

...MASTERS OF ROCK and METALFEST OPEN AIR festival tickets in better prices!

If you are still not sure to buy festival tickets for METALFEST OPEN AIR (4. -7. 6. 2020 in Amphiteatre Lochotin in PILSEN and Opening party in DEPO2015) or MASTERS OF ROCK (9. -12. 7. 2020 in R.Jelinek´s Distillery in VIZOVICE) you have the last chance now! From 1. 1. 2020 will be the tikcets price higher!
So, do not hesitate much longer and order your festival tickets now! 

Tickets for METALFEST are available also in Ticketportal, TicketStream, TicketMaster, Plzenska Vstupenka, Metaltix or Festicket.