The unusual Russian progressive-folk metal band MYSTERIA MORTIS will arrive at METALFEST 2022!

The beginning of June will be very hot in PILSEN, in the beautiful amphitheatre in Lochotín… metal souls will enjoy and have fun there for 4 days, exactly from 2nd to 5th of June 2022 at the 11th edition of International Metal Festival METALFEST 2022! An extraordinary band from Russia - MYSTERIA MORTIS - will also add their music art for fans and their festival joy. MYSTERIA MORTIS is an MDM progressive band with extreme and pure female vocals. Expect a strong and aggressive attack of music and melody, which makes this band really exceptional. Hot frontwoman Annet Ignis on vocals shines like a diamond, she is no less beautiful and hard. This band brings something new, to metal, and it's definitely worth to watch them live!

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