DELAIN releases a new track from the new album, which will introduce... METALFEST Open Air in PILSEN!

While fans eagerly await DELAIN’s sixth full studio album „Apocalypse & Chill“, scheduled for release on February 7, 2020, the band has generously offered a fourth single, “Ghost House Heart”. The track showcases the delightful diversity of DELAIN’s upcoming album – an offering that truly takes you on an amazing journey. In contrast to the bombast of “Masters of Destiny”, the epic highs of “Burning Bridges” and the cool modern vibes of “One Second”, DELAIN takes it back to raw essence with the hauntingly beautiful “Ghost House Heart”, the first ballad to be released by DELAIN since “See Me In Shadows” from their debut album released in 2007. Charlotte Wessels says about the song: "Going back to such an intimate song after the bombast of “Masters of Destiny” and “Burning Bridges” feels a bit like switching gears, but I enjoy every minute of it. Singing this song is almost meditative, and I love the way voice, piano and violin weave together in the track. I hope our fans will love this change of pace as well, and I can't wait to perform this song live on stage during our upcoming shows.“

METALFEST Open Air festival visitors, you have something to look forward! Festival starts this year on Thursday 4. 6. by the Opening Party in DEPO2015 and continues from 5. – 7. 6. in Lochotin Amphiteatre in PILSEN!

„Ghost House Heart” was filmed in the dead of winter at Woolton Hall in Liverpool, which was built in 1704 and left to decay for the last few decades. Woolton Hall’s alleged haunted halls provided the perfect backdrop for “Ghost House Heart”.

And now enjoy the journey of “Ghost House Heart” with DELAIN: